Important Considerations When Looking for a Groomer

Routine hygiene and maintenance is important – ask anyone! Did you know that this is also the case for your beloved pet? Grooming can be an important part of your pet’s lifestyle to help keep them happy and healthy – from their nails to their ears and fur. 

Did you know that certain breeds of dogs actually require routine grooming and maintenance to remain healthy and happy throughout their life? Especially for our long haired dogs, show dogs, or fuzzy breeds, hygiene and routine care are crucial for keeping your pet clean, happy and healthy. Even some cat breeds need routine grooming to help keep them in their best shape. 

Finding the right groomer that is a good fit for you,your pet and their lifestyle can be challenging. What categorizes the right fit? By establishing a relationship with a groomer that fits you and your pet’s lifestyle, as well as making routine grooming habits a priority, you can help your pet stay comfortable, healthy, and live their best life.

Some Breeds Require More Maintenance Than Others

Some breeds of dogs and cats are more high maintenance than others – especially those with longer hair, curly hair, or undercoats. Long haired cats and dogs need routine maintenance and strongly benefit from daily brushing to prevent their hair from matting or pulling. 

Nail trims are an incredibly important aspect of your pet’s health – long, overgrown nails can be prone to breakage and can even lead to abnormal gait or orthopedic abnormalities for your pet. 

Routine ear cleaning can help prevent infection from occurring, especially if your pet has been swimming or digging in the dirt. Be sure to speak with your veterinarian about picking an appropriate ear cleaner for your pet that will not cause harm to their ear canal. Most home remedies tend to be acidic, leading to damage of the sensitive tissues within your pet’s ear canal. Some pets even have hair in their ears – it is important to speak to your veterinarian and groomer about the best options for your pet to help keep them comfortable and reduce risk of infection. 

Don’t Forget The Back End

Some pets are prone to issues with their rear end – such as their anal glands. Anal glands are a stinky but normal part of canine and feline anatomy. These glands are supposed to be expressed normally with a pet’s bowel movement and hold important scent factors that express signals for other dogs and cats. This is why dogs tend to sniff each other when they first meet. For some dogs, these glands do not express normally, leading to risk of infection, impaction, or abscess. Your groomer or veterinarian may express your pet’s anal glands, reducing risks of issues for your pet. If your pet is scooting, licking their bottom, or seems off for some reason, we recommend contacting your veterinarian for advice or to schedule an anal gland expression.

Choosing a Groomer for Your Lifestyle

It is important to pick a groomer that fits you and your pet’s lifestyle. Whether your pet is a show dog or a beloved family pet, grooming is an important part of your pet’s overall health maintenance. Groomers are located in a variety of places. Some groomers are even mobile and will come to groom your pet at your house. If your pet gets nervous around new places, this can be a great option to help reduce stress for your pet. It is important to pick a groomer that has experience working with animals. 

If you have a specific breed of dog that you are interested in getting groomed for a dog show, it is important to ensure your groomer has an understanding of show standards for your pet’s breed. 

It is never wrong to ask questions about a groomer’s protocol, method, or ways to reduce stress to ensure your pet is comfortable and in good hands. A great groomer is passionate about not only your pet’s appearance but their comfort level and overall health during the grooming experience.

Ease Your Pet’s Stress 

Some pets get nervous with grooming appointments. If your pet is unsure about grooming, we recommend discussing this with your veterinarian to formulate a plan for your individual pet. Mobile grooming clinics that are able to come to your house may help reduce the stress of new, unfamiliar places for your pet. If your pet is particularly nervous, ask your groomer about bringing them for a happy visit to help reduce their anxiety.  Occasionally, pets may benefit from medication, pheromone therapy, or other techniques to help reduce stress of grooming. It is important to discuss your pet’s anxiety with your veterinarian and your groomer prior to the appointment to help minimize your pet’s stress as much as possible.

At Weddington Animal Hospital, we are passionate about your pet’s overall health and take pride in our family-oriented medicine. We are happy to help suggest local groomers in the area that may be helpful for your pet’s health. If your pet develops anxiety at the groomer, we are more than happy to help reduce anxiety by providing advice and possibly medication to help reduce stress. If you have any questions about grooming suggestions or anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our phone number is 704-847-8466, or we can be reached by email at