Pet Friendly Activities in Waxhaw, NC

Waxhaw, North Carolina is a town located in the heart of Union County. While the town is best known for possibly being the birthplace of President Andrew Jackson, it has much more to offer within its borders for both its citizens and their pets. Waxhaw is located approximately 20 minutes from South Charlotte and is about 3 miles from South Carolina’s state border. It was chartered in 1889 and is officially North Carolina’s 3rd oldest town in Union County.

How Many Pets are in Waxhaw, NC?

In 2017, the estimated population of Waxhaw was 15,147 citizens. With this population, it is estimated that the town contains approximately 10,300 cats and dogs. Despite its growth in population, the citizens of Waxhaw report a small town feel. With such a large pet population, it is not surprising that the town of Waxhaw offers several locations that are pet-friendly to allow the people of Waxhaw to spend quality time with their pets in the town that they love.

Pet-Friendly Places in Waxhaw, NC 

Dogwood Park

Waxhaw, North Carolina is home to many historic districts and old buildings. The iconic water tower sporting the town name has been in place since 1940. Waxhaw’s go-to location for those interested in spending time with their pets is Dogwood Park. This park features a 22.5-acre haven for dogs to roam and play to their heart’s content. This park features a luxurious dog park that is split into both a small dog and a large dog section. The park also features a multitude of both paved and non-paved trails for citizens to explore with their dogs. With such a large amount of space, it is a dog’s dream location. The park supervisors only ask that park user’s dogs be leashed while outside of the dog park, and that owner’s clean up after their pets. The facility also has a picnic location for owner’s and their pets to relax together. For dog owners, there is a fishing pier, an amphitheater, and a small library to enjoy. With public bathrooms and small geocache locations as well, there are a multitude of fun opportunities to explore for owners and their furry companions.

DreamChaser’s Brewerydreamchasers-brewery-waxhaw

Waxhaw is also home to the DreamChaser’s Brewery, a dog-friendly bar that welcomes canine companionship. Enjoy a local brew with your dog and enjoy the historic scenery of the building that used to be home to the Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department. The brewery often features food trucks and live music as well, providing ample entertainment for owners and their pets. You’ll often see them promoting local dog charities, particularly the Carolina Boxer Rescue. Stop by with your dog and don’t forget to grab a dog treat at the bar! 

Crossroads Coffeehouse


Another pet-friendly location in Waxhaw is Crossroads Coffeehouse. Their outdoor seating provides dog approved access to delicious coffee, tea, and baked goods. The coffeehouse is located near downtown Waxhaw, providing walking access to a variety of other local stores and restaurants unique to the town of Waxhaw.

Pet-Friendly Seasonal Activities in Waxhaw

The seasonal activities in Waxhaw, NC are a fun family activity to enjoy. The 4th of July Parade, Autumn Treasures Fall Festival, and other town events offer fun activities throughout the year to explore this small town and all of its intricacies.

Enjoy Waxhaw, NC With Your Pet Today

Waxhaw offers a multitude of fun opportunities for owners and their pets to enjoy. Whether it be walking around historical downtown, enjoying coffee, locally crafted beer, or a visit to Dogwood Park – there are lots of opportunities for owners – resulting in hours worth of exploring and relaxing with their pets. 

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