Dental Care in Weddington, NC & Beyond

Weddington Animal Hospital offers routine veterinary dental services – including awake oral examinations, anesthetized dental examinations, dental cleanings, dental radiographs, and routine extractions and dental mass removals.

Regular Dental Care For Your Pets

Dental care is a core component of your pet’s health throughout their lives. Periodontal or dental disease in pets is one of the most common ailments seen in small animal veterinary medicine. Some of the most common signs of periodontal disease are bad breath, decreased appetite, and disinterest in toys. Sometimes, your pet will show no outward signs that they are suffering, but may be experiencing significant pain and disease in their mouth. Build up of bacteria and plaque over time leads to inflammation of the gums and build up of calculus, resulting in periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can cause pain and infection in the mouth and can even cause teeth to become loose or rotten. Additionally, the buildup of bacteria in the mouth over time can put strain on your pet’s internal organs. Fortunately, the effects of periodontal disease can be treated and prevented through routine veterinary care.
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Dental Exams For Your Dogs & Cats

At your pet’s annual examination, routine examination of their mouth is included in the evaluation. At this time, your veterinarian will assess for any broken or infected teeth, as well as the grade of periodontal disease. Like people, each pet’s mouth is different and some pets may require more frequent dental cleanings than others. Brushing your pet’s teeth with a soft-bristled, children’s toothbrush can delay the buildup of tartar over time. Dental cleaning procedures are typically recommended when the amount of build up on your pet’s teeth is becoming significant or begins to exhibit signs of periodontal disease. This is dependent on the patient and is decided on a case by case basis. Some dogs require annual dental cleanings, while others may only need a dental cleaning every 3 – 5 years. We recommend having your pet’s teeth examined frequently by your veterinarian to assess whether it is time for a dental cleaning.

Dental Cleanings: What’s Involved

Before: Dental cleanings in pets are performed under general anesthesia by your veterinary team. This means that your pet will be asleep during the dental procedure. Your pet will be examined by your veterinarian prior to anesthesia to ensure they are healthy. Preoperative blood work will be examined to ensure your pet’s internal organs are healthy and able to undergo anesthesia. If your pet has an underlying disease, special precautions will be taken to minimize risks and ensure your pet is able to undergo the procedure.

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During: After the pet is anesthetized, a thorough oral examination is performed – the entire oral cavity including the tongue, cheeks, palate, and gums are evaluated. Each tooth is probed and examined to ensure it is healthy. If any diseased teeth are found, they may need to be removed, such as in a dental extraction, or may require additional specialist care. Often, dental radiographs are performed to assess dexterity and health of the teeth from the inside out. Your veterinarian will perform the dental examination and will contact you if any teeth appear to be abnormal, diseased or broken to make a treatment plan.

After: After the examination, the teeth are cleaned and polished using specialized equipment to remove debris and calculus. If your pet has teeth extracted, they will receive pain medication. Your pet may have dissolvable stitches in their mouth. A recheck will be performed in 2 weeks to assess healing of the oral cavity after extraction. Your pet will receive pain medication and additional medication as prescribed by your veterinarian.

Proudly Serving Weddington & Surrounding Areas

Weddington Animal Hospital is proud to serve all of the surrounding areas in our community. Our patients come from a variety of areas, including MatthewsBallantyneMarvinWaxhawIndian TrailWaverlyWesley Chapel and Weddington.

At Weddington Animal Hospital, we understand that dental care is an important part of your pet’s health and wellbeing. For any questions you may have about our techniques, or if you would like to schedule a dental cleaning, please feel free to call or email us.

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